Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Back to blogging

For a while now I have been thinking of going back into blogging. I can't believe it has been almost two years since my last post..oops. Mia then just turned three and now, in only a matter of weeks, she will be already a big five!

Lots has changed since. We are now expecting our third addition to our little family ;), which in Germany would now be classed as a big family. This is all very exciting but it also is taking a lot out of me. Pregnancy certainly does not get easier the older you get. I also am one of those women, who is sick a couple of times a week right until the end of the pregnancy. This happened with Lucy and Mia and it seems to be the case this time round as well. It makes me tired and admittedly grumpy. Plus looking after two children, who have a very demanding week with school and several after school activities, it is a lot harder than when I was pregnant with Mia and only had a small two year old Lucy to look after. On top of all that I suffer from a constant pain in my back. It's a muscle that wraps around the side of your back to your rips and it is literally constantly sore unless I lie in bed. But enough of the moaning! I am also very excited and happy and feel eternally blessed to be bale to have another baby. Children are a blessing and with so many women being unable to have children, I think we are super lucky.

Another thing that has happened is that Mia has just started school. Way too early in my opinion. In Germany you don't start school until you are six. Even the second time it feels strange for me to let her go into such a long school day. Though in a way I am enjoying the fact that i have more time to myself, which allows me to rest more and once the baby is here it will give me more quiet time with the baby. But Mia is a very innocent young child. In her mind she is still like a baby sometimes. Don't get me wrong, she is super smart (I know, I am bias) and capable of going away for that length of time. She is really enjoying it so far, so that is great. I guess it is the Mummy in me who wants to keep her close and not let her grow up. She is still my baby right now. But does that ever change? Probably not :)

Anyway, I will try to blog more again and this will be more like a behind the scene of Lena and the Hedgehog. More personal life and what is happening behind the scenes when I get to sew.

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