Friday, 18 September 2015

Confessions of a German Girl

I have been thinking about this type of post all morning and I think I would like to try to turn it into something more regular. In these posts I will tell you things about me and my life  abroad.

Living in a foreign country is sometimes very lonely. I have left my entire family behind in Germany. On top of that I have always found it extremely difficult to make friends. After 14 years in Ireland I have come to the conclusion that this has several reasons. One: I am very different as I grew up in a different culture. I have often different views and I am possibly more outspoken. Germans tend to speak their mind more and often I have offended people when I did not mean to. Two: the local people here have either got siblings or lots of friends form their school time. Or even both. They are not in need of new friends. Unlike me. Because without friends, life is dull and lonely. So when a person takes their time to get to know me and maybe considers me as a friend, it is usually very special to me. To date I have only found four people who managed to remain my friends over the years. And three of them are foreign like myself. They know who they are, so I don't need to mention names :) I am grateful for those two people in my life, whom I can tell things. I love to meet up with my friends as well and usually it is a great deal for me. All four have their own busy life with children and a husband and meeting up is not always easy. I live in the country, which in Ireland means you have literally almost no neighbours. I don't live in a village but right bang in the country. I also have a husband who is super busy. He is a farmer and works inhumane hours. So again that adds to me being alone a lot.

So, I am grateful for the friends I have. Thank you for being in my life...

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