Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happy Post

On Friday I got happy post. The best happy post I could have imagined. Getting fabrics in the post is always exciting for me anyway. I love the crisp feel of new fabrics. They are so beuatiful and bright and simply happy. This time I got a whole lot of fabrics from a German fabric shop called Sonntagshase. You can find them on Facebook here and their online shop here. The shop is owned by the lovely Doreen, who is always very nice and helpful.

When I opened the box, I was greeted by tissue paper. To me it make sit more exciting as it is like opening presents :)

In the box were also lots of surprises. I literally squealed and kept finding more and more. This really was like Christmas come early.

There were German biscuits...

A ribbon that says lots of different things on it and can be cut up to be used as sew in tags...

A tiny box of tiny pins...

A beautiful card and a horse iron on do you call these in English anyway?

Some coffee sweets, which I will have to either keep until the baby is here or give to my husband ;)....

But then there were the fabrics. Of course I knew which ones I ordered, but fabrics are always nicer in reality than on the computer screen. 
These are beautiful pink jerseys. One is for a custom order next month, the others are for upcoming projects. 

There will be new items joining my little range. For starters it will be clothes based but later on hopefully also some new toys. But for now I am very excited about the new clothes. All these fabrics are super comfy and soft jersey. Perfect for little ones, especially babies ;)

As I don't know yet, what I am having, I thought I would also stock up on some boys fabrics. usually I make dresses and they really are not suitable for boys haha. Although I have a little tomboy, who loved her dresses but also loves lots of boys things. She already has claimed the dragons, the cats with the fish and the cats on the clouds lol. 

And at the bottom of the box were even some free patterns :)

So beautiful happy post indeed. I am looking forward to getting stuck into these fabrics. 

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