Monday, 18 November 2013

Mia's Rainbow Party

WARNING: this post is very picture heavy. But hopefully all the prettiness will be worth it :)

On Saturday, the 16th November was Mia's birthday. She is my youngest, so my baby. I always feel the change from 2 to 3 is a very big step. They change from baby to child and from their 3rd birthday on, everything changes. So I wanted something very special to mark this great occasion. And Mia is a very happy and cheeky child, who makes me laugh a lot. Therefore rainbows were the perfect theme. I also have seen so many beautiful blogs with posts about rainbow parties. Such eye candy!

Enter the party through the balloon rainbow!

This wooden ring with candles is a tradition in our house. Every birthday, it comes out ad gets lit in the morning when the girls are coming down to open their presents. I love it as it reminds me of Germany and the traditions I grew up with.

My lovely friend Julie from Mademoiselle Poupette made the beautiful rainbow bunting for me. I literally decided two weeks before the party on the theme, so was pressed for time. As I am working like crazy on my own christmas orders, she was so kind to make me one. I also have now clue how to make bunting. Dolls are no problem, but bunting? Scary lol

I took the rainbow theme very serious ;)

Rainbow cups.

Rainbow Skittles and Smarties...ok, at this point a friend of mine said that it is borderline I love to be organised haha.

Rainbow napkins

Rainbow party bags with handmade stickers.

I made these Cake Pops that very delicious. Covered in white chocolate (my favourite) and covered with colourful sprinkles. Perfect!

The cake! I have seen a similar cake online ages ago and saved the image but can no longer find the link.

Everything was rainbows :) But it was so lovely and bright and happy!

And here is the birthday girl in her dress made by me :)

And on her tippy toes, eyeing up the jelly Beans.

Sisters: Lucy and Mia together in their Mummy made dresses :)

 Blowing the candles.

And here is the very impressive inside of the cake. I was not very happy with the outcome of the outside as it looks like a child had wrapped play doh around it and in my perfectionist mind that was just not good enough. But the inside had the very desired wow effect. And it tasted scrummy, too!

Some playtime with the new toy and friends :)

And then it was Pinata time! And all the children had lots of fun and there were no fights over the sweets, which was great.

Lucy with her treasures :)

Mis is enjoying a Cake Pop

And the children all found a way to get the sweets haha. But best was that they all took the cups of the table, put the sweets in and had a picnic under the table lol. the result was that the amount of sweets eaten was not monitored anymore and they all ended up veeery hyper. We had to remove all sweets in the end.

So, that was our rainbow party. It was so much fun to organise and see it coming together. but the best was the children's reaction to it. I would definitely do it again.

Therese xxx

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