Friday, 8 November 2013


This week was very emotional for me. It was tough, sad and at times overwhelming. And progress was very slow. But I was glad about the task ahead of me and grateful and I have to admit, it made me feel special. Special, because this lovely family put their trust and faith in me to create something truly special for them. 

Last year, I had a lovely lady ordering three dolls of me. When I changed my business name, she followed me to my new page and sent me a lovely message at the start of September: 

"Before my husband & I had our 3 children pictured in my profile picture we very sadly had another little boy who passed away - every year we buy a new Christmas decoration for him for our tree but this year I had a thought if you could make a boy doll with angel wings to sit at the top of our tree? "

I was very touched by this request and of course agreed. The result of four days work is this:

This task was extra difficult for me as I have my own experience with Christmas and death. What I am about to tell you, is very personal, but I feel like sharing it.  

There once was  a man in my life, who meant the world to me. His name was Marcel and he was my father. Sadly I didn't have him in my life for very long. When I was only 12, life became overwhelming for him and he no longer could bare the thought of living. So in the night from Christmas Day to Boxing Day, he took a rope and with that rope his own life. What was left was a horrible, deep and very dark hole that took many years to get a little brighter. When I was a child, I imagined that he was my special angel, my guardian angel, who watched over me and protected me. And many times in my life I felt protected, so maybe it is true. 

Christmas has been a tough time for me ever since. Every year I do feel pain but this pain is getting easier to deal with. Now, I can enjoy Christmas again and thanks to my girls I even feel excitement. 

This little angel is called Jake. He was only little and should not have left this world yet. 

I really wanted to give him a very special set of wings that will carry him forever and can wrap around him when he is in need of a hug. 

And all i want to say in the end is this:

Rest in peace little angel and may the big angels be at your side forever.

Therese xxx 


  1. So sad, but a truly beautiful dolly that will be treasured forever. I hope it brings the family some peace at Christmas. xx

  2. This is so lovely. Both tiny wee Jake and your personal share about your father. It is wonderful that you are moving toward peace from this sad time in your life. Please know that you are not alone. And that by sharing your story, you have brought hope to many. Myself included. (HUG)