Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer, sun and sandals

We had two sunny days in a row! This is very rare for Northern Ireland, so with three girls in the house, of course we had to treat ourselves to new sandals. Yay! And we all wore them proudly today.

I have my doll project put on hold for a few weeks, while I will tackle two very large orders, which combined are five dolls alone, plus a few extra bits and bobs. I am not complaining though, as it will be good money for our holidays at the end of July. A much needed trip home to visit my family in Germany. Hopefully with lots of sun, lots of family, lots of laughter and banter and lots of love. i am really looking forward to this trip and Lucy has been talking a lot about it as well. She is now getting to that age, where she is really understanding that there are two different countries, with different languages and different cultures and it is great to see how her love for germany grows and grows and how she appreciates being different.

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